Roll Ups

UPDATE – 17/05/21:

The 2021 season kicked of on Saturday 24 April and is in full swing. Regular scheduled Roll Ups on the days and at the times stated below are ongoing.

All play takes place with adherence to the Government COVID-19 recommendations and as stated in the Club CR&R.

Pre booking of rinks outside of the Scheduled Roll Up times is recomended.

All members are invited – and indeed encouraged – to “Roll Up” and play.

For playing at times outside of the Roll Up times, to avoid disappointment of no rink availability , play is to be pre-booked.  (See Members Area). 

Keep Well, Stay Alert, Stay Safe, Save Lives – and follow the CR&R


Rules and recommendations to comply with the Government “COVID-19 Secure” guidelines while at the club and/or on the green while observing Social Distancing.

Club Rules & Recommendations (CR&R) – Ver6 (17/5/21)

Subject to updates

Players turn up and the Green Ranger organises the players into teams and play usually for a couple of hours, often with a break mid-way. This is good for players to get to know other members and improve their skill levels.

Roll Ups – days and times

Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday 2:15pm for 2:30pm 6:15pm for 6:30pm
Tuesday 9:45am for 10:00am 6:15pm for 6:30pm
Wednesday 2:15pm for 2:30pm 6:15pm for 6:30pm
Thursday 9:45am for 10:00am Training / Coaching
Friday [Friday League] 2:15pm for 2:30pm
Saturday 9:45am for 10:00am
Sunday 9:45am for 10:00am [Sunday Social]

Please note:

  • Members may roll up or practice at any other times except on Friday mornings (when the Friday League is being played) or when a match is taking place, but they will need to organise it themselves as there will be no Green Ranger present.
  • When a Green Ranger is not present, members are requested to enter their names on the attendance sheet on the desk and to place the £3 roll-up fee in the money box in the kitchen.
  • Before leaving the premises, they shall be jointly responsible for seeing that all equipment is put away, tea cups are washed or placed in the dishwasher, all lights are turned off and the shed, toilets and gates are locked.

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