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On Sunday 30 and Monday 31 May (the late May Bank Holiday), the Club held its open days coinciding with Bowls England “BOWLS’ BIG WEEKEND“.

Bush Hill Bowls of Enfield, who stock  indoor and outdoor lawn bowls and everything else you need to play the game – clothing, shoes, chalk sprays and accessories, who also sponsored the event, were there over the two days with a selection of their wares on sale.

The event was a huge success and will absolutely be repeated next year if not before.

Below is the flyer used to promote the event and which was distributed door-to-door in and around the area of the club.

News & Events

19/05/20 Upd: Starting Bowling & Beyond

On Sunday May 17, just four weeks after the originally scheduled opening day, the club reopened for play/exercise. The weather was great and the number of members choosing to come out just to see the club and/or to roll a few woods was extremely gratifying, making all...

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16/05/20 Upd: CR&R (Ver2)

In view of Bowls England’s Covid-19: Supplementary Guidance For Lawn Bowls Clubs, Issued: 14th May 2020, the Club Rules And Recommendations While Observing Social Distancing (“CR&R”) sent on Wednesday 13, just a few days ago, is in need of some modification and...

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13/05/20 Upd: Bowling, Green, Clubhouse

Now that Boris has delivered his long awaited update, followed the next day by the Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy document, the next thing that I imagine you are all waiting for is the update from the club. The wait is over and here it is! While the need to...

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17/04/20 Upd: Lockdown And Schedule And Membership

Although the lockdown has been extended for at least a further three weeks (May 7) with a still unknown exit strategy, we have been informed that during this period, some restrictions are expected to be lifted. We do not yet know which or when and are currently going...

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08/04/20: Clarification To Update Of Saturday 5/4/20

This is to clarify a couple of points from the last update from the weekend (5/4/20). Although we are preparing to be able to open the green and play from Sunday May 3, we have no intention, and will not be opening before we are permitted to do so in accordance with...

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05/04/20 Upd: Staying Connected and Update

It has been almost two weeks since since the last update and we all hope that everyone is coping. We hope all are discovering and experiencing the importance of compromise and empathy for others, which can only be a positive thing. It cannot be emphasised enough...

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24/03/20 Upd: General Policy and Stance

As we are all painfully aware, with just a few very specific exceptions, we are all now required to stay at home for the next three weeks (to Monday 13 April) and go outside only for food, health reasons or work. After that, these measures will be reviewed again by...

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