Dress Code

Lawn bowling shoes with smooth flat soles MUST be worn at all times when on the green.

For roll ups and Practice Sessions:

This season the club has decided to allow a more casual attire. Any attire is allowed.

For League Games, Matches and Competitions:

The Club is affiliated to various local and national bodies and therefore must abide by the rules laid down by them concerning a variety of matters, including the required form of dress for matches and competitions.

Tops:  Men should wear a plain white shirt and women should wear a plain white blouse, either short or long sleeved, or a club shirt, and may wear a short or long sleeved plain white pullover, preferably with the club badge. A plain white anorak may also be worn.

Bottoms:  Men must wear long or short mid-grey (or white) regulation trousers and women must wear a regulation grey (or white) skirt or mid-grey (or white) regulation trousers.

Note however that for most matches played, trousers and skirts must be white.

If you wish to wear shorts, always check with the Captain that it is acceptable for that match.

Club shirts and sweatshirts for both men and women can be obtained from Michael Hart, (Club Captain: 07779-614 874) at a modest price.

When playing for the club your bowls should have the club stickers (decals) on them.
This helps to quickly distinguish your bowls from the opposition.  These are available in the clubhouse.

Note:  only one set of stickers can be on a bowl.

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