Bowls Etiquette

Never walk across the green when players are bowling.

Never walk along the pathway when people are bowling towards you. Always stand still until they have bowled.

You should not shout on the green and where possible use hand singles. If you have something to say wait until you cross over.

Always have your bowl in your hand so you are ready to bowl when it is your turn.

Do not sit or stand on the edge of the green as it damages the green.

Never talk to your opponents bowl. It is highly frowned on.

When a player is preparing to deliver a bowl, those at the delivery end should stand well behind and remain still and silent so as not to distract the player.

When the bowler at the opposite end is on the mat and about to bowl, players should stand absolutely still to avoid distraction.

Mobile phones are to be silenced or switched off and are not to be used at any time while on the green and playing.

Click here to view or download the Bowls Etiquette ssheet.

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